Anaya schools

October 25, 2016

9:55 AM 10/25/2016

I’m at home using the battery, so after a while I will have to stop writing and shut the computer down.

I nibbled a few leaves of wild growing St. John’s Wort a few days ago, and as a result, it was excreted through my skin and got into my clothing.  So I have been contaminated with it for the last few days.

And so, I am willing to write about ‘unsustainable manic projects’ that I normally don’t talk about, such as the Anaya religion.  It was created while under the influence of drug residues several years ago.  I have mostly eliminated those drug residues and so I don’t write about my religion very much now.

Today it was suggested that I think about the ‘schools’ of Anaya.  The teachings of Anaya are complex and growing.

In the past year, while using ginseng, I began to think of Anaya as a trinity (or infinity), the man, woman, and child or children of infinite number.  This doesn’t exclude homosexuals and bisexuals, who are are helped to have family groups that include the donor of eggs or sperm, so that this donor belongs to the family and participates in raising the child.  The donor should not be excluded.

I actually pray to Anaya now, usually if I am under the influence of small amounts of any sort of residue, including tobacco, which I cannot avoid because people smoke in public (which is illegal in communities that are entirely Anaya).  I thank Anaya for a long list of things, or I imagine what Anaya would do if they were here.  I say ‘if you were here, Anaya, you would understand,’ things like that.

But that wasn’t what I was thinking of today.  I was thinking of the schools.  When people join Anaya, they do not instantly agree with, or know about, all of its teachings.  It is not possible for one person to instantly agree with a long list of specific beliefs and values that are alien and unfamiliar to them.  So, we have the schools.

Each individual school teaches one specific area of knowledge and belief.  There can be many schools, more than the ones I am going to list, because I haven’t thought of them all yet.  But here are some of the schools.

food.  This one teaches the ever-growing knowledge about which wild foods are edible, and what symptoms they cause.  It teaches the Weston Price diet and the Feingold Diet but does not stop there – it only uses the principles from those diets as a basis for further discoveries.  Individual people can always contribute to this knowledge.  There are millions of plant, animal, mineral, and other substances on earth that are edible.  All of them have effects.  It teaches that parasites, not bacteria, are the real reason why we cook meat, and that small amounts of parasites are uncomfortable, but not lethal, so it is possible to eat small amounts of raw meat with caution.  This area of knowledge is lost and is being rediscovered through testing.  Parasites might possibly improve the immune system, but we do not know yet.  Some parasites might be normal, but they are not always good, because, for example, there were certain areas in Africa where people always had intestinal parasites that caused swelling, even if they were living a healthy primitive lifestyle.

grooming.  This teaches how to grow long hair according to Anaya rules.  It teaches about traction alopecia experienced by the Sikh religion, and it teaches about drug residue contamination in dreadlocks.  It teaches that the way to enable men to grow long hair is to make it an official religion, so that they can claim that their hairstyle is exempt from the rules in corporations and elsewhere.  Also, it teaches that if Anaya members own businesses, then these businesses should require the hair to be groomed by our rules if you are employed at that business, regardless of whether you are an Anaya member or not.

government and politics.  This one is not very fleshed out, but they will discuss things like the hacking of the computers where our votes are tallied in Excel spreadsheets, which are connected directly to the internet and whose numbers are easily changed with a few keystrokes.  They would also discuss how land ownership is the basis of all modern society, and what alternatives to land ownership we might be able to create.  The current system is wrong.  They also discuss environmentalism, or the environment in general, and this will probably include things like chemtrails and electromagnetic fields and mind control.

meditation.  This one will observe things like the mind control attacks, and how the background noise changes if you are in a shielded area.  If we are able to reduce or eliminate external control, then there is unlimited potential for development in this school, which will teach you how to control your own mind and improve your life and your personality.

language.  The Anaya school of language teaches baby talk and glossolalia as a means for adults to learn new languages – it makes these behaviors socially acceptable.  It teaches about oralite cultures and how they memorized information and passed it down, and how there are some benefits to living in an oralite culture.  Maybe they will write poems and songs that are easily memorized and that contain important information.  Music is integrated with language.  We will create our own new language only for Anaya.  It teaches about un-Latinizing languages, choosing words that existed in the language before they were taken over by Latin and Greek cultures, so that words are shorter and simpler.  Short, simple words are valued over large words because they are easy to say, and the most urgent and important things must be short and simple.

clothing.  This school teaches about organic fabrics and non-chemical dyes, along with animal furs and natural fibers.  Even natural fibers can have disadvantages, as I experienced getting estrogen through the skin from touching linen, which comes from flax.  I noticed it most after my plastic dental fillings were put in and I was hypersensitive to estrogen.  I don’t know how much of a problem this normally is when I am not being poisoned by brand new dental fillings, but it is something to be aware of.  It teaches about the different ways that traditional cultures all over the world made their clothes, so that we can make clothes as beautiful as theirs, because modern American clothing is terrible.  Even cheap simple clothes are able to look good.  And they do not all have to be dull colors all the time.  It teaches about knitting and crochet and other string methods.  It may provide sewing machines that are pedal powered instead of electric.

All of these things are not exactly written into the laws, because they are detailed and complicated and ever growing.  That is why it is hard to write these laws, and better to think of them as something that has to be learned and taught in a school.  I never knew what the punishment would be for breaking the Anaya laws.  I never liked the idea of ostracizing or shunning someone or putting someone in jail or charging them a fine, or even firing them from a job.  All of those things could potentially be punishment for breaking a religious law.  They are required for the members, and some kind of reward or punishment must be given for obeying those laws.  I always thought of it as an achievement – you achieve a certain status if you are inspected and compliant with the laws.

So, for instance, if it is proven that you have been following the grooming rules, and that you haven’t been plucking your eyebrows or waxing your mustache or doing any of those things, and haven’t been trimming the split ends off your hair (because split ends do exist, but trimming them greatly slows down the time it takes to grow hair, which is contrary to popular belief, which claims that they break off), then you are awarded with some kind of status.  I want to somehow make sure that people aren’t picking and choosing which parts of the grooming rules they want to follow, because, for instance, Muslims aren’t supposed to pluck their eyebrows, but they all started doing it anyway and they’re getting away with it.  People need to somehow be made to strictly follow *all* the grooming rules, because all of them are important.

So, the grooming school would teach the rationale, the reasoning, behind these rules, and teach why they are important, why they matter.  The schools teach the reasons behind the rules, the thoughts behind them, the why.

decontamination.  This would have to be a school too.  It would demonstrate the phenomenon of transdermal herbal drugs and contamination, through physical experience.  It is easily demonstrated.  I could do a demonstration right now if I had the right materials.  I could prove to somebody, through their own experience, that herbs go through the skin and trigger symptoms, and then, they also contaminate clothing, objects, and furniture, so that when you touch those things, the residues go through your skin again, triggering those same symptoms again.

First you have to learn to recognize the symptoms being triggered, which is easiest if they are severe and uncomfortable (like ephedra, which causes permanent, intractable insomnia which will last for months or years until all the contaminated belongings are gone).  I wouldn’t want to use ephedra in the school, but I would find some alternative that was uncomfortable enough to be detectable, but not so dangerous as ephedra.

After you learn to detect the symptoms, and learn to get rid of them by washing off, you then have to learn to recognize ho the symptoms result from touching contaminated objects.  The symptoms usually appear after about five minutes since you touched the object, because it takes a few minutes for the drugs to travel through the skin.

The school would teach that everything mainstream medicine says about transdermal drugs is wrong.  All these drug companies are trying to develop drugs that will go through the skin, implying that it’s unusual, rare, or difficult to make them do so.  Actually, the majority of things do go through skin, and only a minority do not.  They are also inhalable more often than people believe, without smoke.  You should always assume that something will go through the skin, and assume that it causes contamination, although some are more severe than others.  You can make your own tobacco patches easily, and you are allowed to grow your own tobacco legally, so why isn’t everybody doing it?  I was going to try, but the tobacco contamination was uncontrollable, and caused extreme symptoms.

The school of decontamination would also teach about prescription drugs, which are taken in a pill, and which are excreted through the skin, partially metabolized.  These partial metabolites are still active and they cause symptoms when touched.  This is why birth control pills have long lasting effects, and all other drugs have long lasting effects, after you quit the drugs.  However, there are some effects from brain damage which I do not understand – I do not know how many permanent effects are caused by actual brain damage and body damage.  Not all effects are permanent damage inside the body, but rather, can be easily gotten rid of with decontamination.  This is what the school will teach.

Books – it’s easier to learn something from a paper book than it is to learn it online.  I could write a paper book of Anaya and the schools.  The schools are not necessarily huge, but could be chapters of the book.  The book of Anaya.  I would love it.  I wonder what it would look like?  How would I distribute it?  I could just place it around at various locations, the way the Christian Scientists put their Christian Science Monitor at the laundromat.  Places where people are bored and have nothing to do.

The book must convey the beautiful vision of the society of Anaya.

Also, I wonder where to put socionics in there, because socionics is important to Anaya, but does not belong to Anaya.  The eighth house of the socion – the Gabin and Huxley types, myself and my dual – are the leaders of Anaya.  This religion is controlled by them, because other religions are created by other socionic types which are incompatible with me, and I do not feel drawn to their religions.  Gabin and Huxley should be the kind we are seeking most for this religion.  We want to bring them together, because it is so hard for them to find each other.

Socionics – I do not know how to teach this.  I would want EEG testing to determine people’s types correctly the first time every time.  This is based on what Dario Nardi is doing, but he is doing the J/P switch for introverts, which is wrong.  They clearly are using the ‘perceiver’ side of the brain, or the ‘judger’ side of the brain, but he labels introverts the opposite.  Fp1 and Fp2.

All the other types will probably encounter this religion and will have various reactions to it.  Since it is written by a female Gabin, they will react the way all the various types react to a female Gabin, just like Christian Science is written by a female SLE-ESTP Zhukov – is that the name of the SLE?  I forget.  Yesenin and Zhukov?  I think that’s their names, in the 4th house.

Anaya envisions being able to include all the socionic types (crap, major typo, I originally wrote the word ‘religions’ totally by accident), but having them grouped into their own houses.  These houses may or may not be physical locations.  I only want one specific thing to always be true:  that Anaya is controlled and maintained by the eighth house, Gabin and Huxley.  The other houses might have their own names and become seven separate religions aside from Anaya, and they would not call themselves Anaya eventually, because they would need their own authors and advocates, with their own styles, which would not attract the eights.  I know from my own experience how horrible other people’s religions make me feel, because of their terrible thinking style and writing style, which is totally incompatible with my brain.  If other socionic houses join Anaya, they will want to write their own material, and I do not want that material calling itself Anaya, but rather, some other name for each of the other seven houses.  Each one should get its own name.

The issue of socionics is too long, and still unresolved.  I’m already adding these paragraphs in between other paragraphs that were already written.  This is too much of a tangent.  The most important thing is I want Gabin and Huxley to control Anaya forever, and not to allow it to be taken over by any other socionic types, so as to avoid changing the style and spirit.

‘What about ethics?’

I forgot to mention that.  I am not really clear or strong on the ethics yet.  I only have opinions.  It is my opinion that we should encourage polyamory for both sexes, but not require it – just make sure everyone knows that it’s explicitly allowed by our religion.  We do not say ‘one man, one woman’ as other religions do, even though we are symbolized by this trinity-family.  That exists for the purpose of reproduction.  It is really many men, many women, and many children.  There must be other aspects of ethics that I would want to teach, but I don’t know what they are.

Nudism.  Why do we encourage or require nudism?  It is to be done on Anaya territory, inside our buildings or on our land.  We know you can’t go in public nude.  The rationale behind nudism is explained in this school.

Childbearing.  How to have children safely, at home, unassisted.  Why the Anaya have rules about childbearing.  Explanations for these rules.

races and ethnic groups.  The rationale for why we encourage and welcome racial mixing.  It is our goal to spread Anaya to every continent.  Showing beautiful pictures and examples of many types of people when they are healthy.  We aim to produce healthy people, with our laws of childbearing and childrearing.  So all our people will be beautiful, no matter what race.  Anaya also teaches that darker skins need more light in order to produce vitamin D, so your race is relevant depending on how far from the equator you are – you have to try harder to get this vitamin, or else go towards the equator to live more easily with more sunlight.  I do not know how easy it is to get vitamin D in the diet totally if you are at the polar regions, but they are covered in fur all year long and don’t get much sun either, as they are eating raw seafood and seal oil and other things that give them vitamin D.  In that situation, if it is possible to get such dense sources of the vitamin in the diet, it wouldn’t matter how dark your skin was no matter where you lived.  It only matters when are diets are as horrible as they normally are in the mainstream world.

missions, or conveying Anaya to others, and how to do it.  I imagined something like a procession of people, dressed in their most beautiful Anaya clothing, with their hair unbound and long, walking down the street together, perhaps carrying candles at night as well, and singing quietly together.  We would be visible to the public and this would be a display of amazing beauty that would cause people to want to join us.  This could only be done if we had a sufficient number of people with long hair, because displaying the long hair is one of the most important aspects of the parade.  It would not have to be extremely long, as we would have to wait decades for that, but it would show that the men were growing beards, the most noticeable difference in the short term.  Men’s long hair would not look much longer yet, only a few inches if they were new to the group, but beards would become visible after only a few days without shaving.

Candles – you can’t carry candles in the wind.  You have to have them inside a glass thing, like a little lantern – that’s fine.  But they should definitely be real candles instead of artificial lights, because candles are the most beautiful light.  (I just imagined someone making candles out of substances that burn in different colors or are sparking, like fireworks, but not exploding.)  Colored candles could come from stained glass, too.

We should be singing the most beautiful music anyone has ever heard, during our procession down the sidewalk.  But it should be quiet and non-disruptive.  It doesn’t even need to contain recognizable words, but could be glossolalia.  I just don’t want it to be spontaneous.  Believe it or not, I don’t like spontaneous music.  It is too limited.  You get in the habit of doing the same kinds of things without question.  The only way to question what you are doing, and do something different, is by writing it down and having some principles and assumptions that will be questioned and broken.  Also, we are being mind controlled and attacked, and our brains cannot create novelty under these conditions, when we are being zapped every couple seconds.  All my music is written by the soul murderers, and not by me.  So it must be written using artificial processes that force it to become unusual and to break the rules and assumptions.  If we have shields, then music can be written more naturally and spontaneously.  But if we sing it spontaneously it will just sound repetitive and goalless, like the chanting of shamans.  It should be memorized in advance.  I do not want music to be totally random, but every once in a while, a little bit of random notes in the music causes new ideas to develop.

Music.  Since I’m talking about this, there should be an Anaya school of music.  It isn’t just incorporated with the language school.  Anaya teaches that music should be made with acoustic instruments, because almost nobody is capable of writing good electronic music.  If they do write electronic music, it must meet particular criteria.

Dance.  Of course we have dance.  Even I, with my ruined hip joints, still love to dance.  My hip joints have improved since I quit caffeine.  But they cannot heal completely.

I’m sure there are many other schools or subjects Anaya must teach.  They are not necessarily huge and don’t require years and years to learn, but yet, they are complex enough that you can’t convince someone instantly to agree and believe.  Also, people will not necessarily agree with all of the schools at one time.  They might believe one thing in one school, but disagree with something else in another school.

These were just some thoughts this morning – as always, not very thorough or complete, just possibilities.


Anaya rules all on one page

October 21, 2013

Not too long ago I put these all onto one simple HTML page so that they are easy to read. I haven’t modified them, though.

I need to change some things. One thing in particular that’s bothering me is this: Since I’ve been camping and have been voluntarily homeless, living first in my car and then in the tent, since autumn of 2011, I’ve begun to appreciate the weather and the seasons even more than I used to. I ride my bike everywhere now that I no longer have the car. I walk the bike up the hill. Spending all this time living outdoors and walking has made me appreciate the seasons, as I said, and I am very aware of things like fruits and nuts ripening on the trees, flowers blooming, day length, etc. I’ve learned about primitive societies and really enjoyed Jared Diamond’s book, ‘The World Until Yesterday.’

So my attitudes about holidays have changed. I wouldn’t mind a seasonal holiday at Christmastime as long as it wasn’t Christmas and wasn’t Christian and didn’t expect you to go thousands of dollars in debt to buy junk for your kids. I’d enjoy a seasonal harvest feast. I liked reading about the Pagan holidays, which occur in every season as the day lengths change. It’s called the Wheel of the Year. There is a holiday with a feast (or whatever) at every solstice and equinox and halfway in between them all. I wouldn’t mind celebrating those holidays, as long as they’re not Christian. They don’t require the worshiping of any gods. You can just have a feast that’s relevant to the particular season.

To do

May 1, 2013

Reframe this in a positive way. It’s trying to accomplish some kind of goal. You’re trying to achieve X, for instance, better health. This religion cannot be the center of your life and cannot be an end in itself, but is instead a means to other ends. You want to achieve better health so that you can enjoy life. You want to enjoy the company of beautiful people, etc.  If everyone is eating the same diet then it’s easier to get hard-to-find items and the work is more efficient than preparing food alone.

Core rules versus additional achievements or certifications

December 18, 2012

There is a difference between the core rules versus other achievements or certifications or ‘recommended’ practices that have been added on.  Some of the rules are central to Anaya and cannot be broken.  But other practices are just sort of ‘recommended’ or less important, less central, and not everyone has to comply with those.  I need to rewrite this website to show which rules are the unbreakable core rules versus the rules that are optional, recommended, or less important.  


May 7, 2012

Even though I’m not really using this blog, I might as well announce that I have been referring to this intentional religion as ‘Anaya.’ I wrote about it in my other blog. I created that name through a series of glossolalia word distortions, and I decided that I liked that name and it was beautiful and easy to say. It also has some positive connotations in other languages, depending on whose translation you read. One person translated it as meaning ‘completely free,’ which I liked. Other translations were not as positive, but I like ‘completely free.’ Retmeishka is just too hard to pronounce, too uncomfortable to say, and too hard to spell. ‘Retmeishka’ was designed to be a completely unique word that did not exist anywhere else, so that every google search for it would refer to my pages. ‘Anaya’ is still a relatively uncommon word in English, so it will still be relatively easy to search for Anaya and find this religion. However, actually creating an intentional community of people who follow this religion is a project that I have postponed for now, while I am doing other projects. I might never actually do it, but I thought I might as well mention the name change.

I’m not using this blog, because…

October 1, 2011

…almost every single word and every single concept in this ‘religion’ was written by the mind controllers, and it doesn’t serve the needs of *anybody*.  It is this twisted, distorted creation that definitely does not serve *my* needs.  It is something that I wrote while being almost completely controlled, and there was evil intent behind it, and it was not done to help me, in any way at all.  I believe particular beliefs in this, however, making it into a ‘religion’ was the idea created by the murderers, not by me.  This is not my way of doing things.  I had to write this because people have occasionally found this blog by looking for the name retmeishka.  I haven’t taken this blog down yet partly because it is very low priority, and partly because they won’t let me.  Neither will they let me clarify what exactly would be my beliefs and preferences and goals, if I *were* to start an intentional community for real, because once again, they won’t let me think even a single thought for even a fraction of a second without controlling it and forcing it to go the way they want it to.  That is how I created a ‘religion’ and that is why I was forced to write this blog.

The Order serves the needs of the SLI sociotype.

April 9, 2011

2:23 PM 4/9/11

I’ve been reading about socionics for a few months now. I am an SLI. I realized that I want this order to be something that an SLI would want to join, something that serves the needs of the SLI.

Socionics explains why there have been some parts of the order’s rules that I have had trouble writing. I left some parts vague and blank, hoping that I would someday get help from someone to fill them in. I still do need that help eventually. But those are the weak areas for my socionic type. There are certain types of information that I tend to ignore and don’t learn much about, which is why I can’t write much about them.

But other parts of the order’s rules are very strong. For instance, I know absolutely for certain, without any doubt in my mind, that circumcision is a bad thing. As soon as I read about it, and as soon as I read that anybody at all had ever questioned it, and as soon as I read the arguments against it, I knew right away that this was something I would never do. I paid close attention to this and I never forgot it.

At the same time, I don’t want to go physically attack the groups of people who circumcise their children. I would want to persuade them using some other approach. I would be happy to welcome their people into the order and promise them a better future and a better culture than the one they grew up in.

Now that I know about my socionic type, I can explain that circumcision violates the needs of the introverted sensing function and it also violates the knowledge of the extraverted thinking function. I can use logic to show that the arguments in favor of circumcision are wrong. I can use sensing and give many examples of people who described what happened to them after they were circumcised, how they became unable to feel sensation, how their skin was exposed and it dried, keratinized, and cracked, how it affected their ability to have an orgasm and their enjoyment of sex.

The rules of the order are meant to protect the SLI type and to serve their needs. I am not saying that this is the only type that exists on earth, and I am not saying that it is the best type. Instead I am saying that this is my intentional community, and I want to attract like-minded people. I am an expert on things that are important to the SLI type. I am not an expert on the things that other types need, so I can’t provide for them very well, and I won’t try. I can let someone else do that.

This is not a community that wants to reach out and force other people to do the things we do. We can persuade and we can invite people, but we do not force them. For instance I saw someone who dyed her hair bright purple just recently. Hair dyeing is forbidden by the order. Does that mean I judged her and hated her purple hair and wanted to force her to make her hair look like mine? No, actually, I enjoyed her purple hair. It’s a pretty color and she stands out from everyone else now. I might even enjoy it if more people dyed their hair in very bright artificial colors. I don’t want to force everyone else to be like me. I want to attract people who are willing to follow these rules without being forced.

I want the order to teach their children to be aware of the existence of personality types. This is important knowledge. It doesn’t mean that they have to all become experts at personality typing. I only want them to know that this exists. I want them to know that people are different from each other. I want them to know how to find the types of people they are looking for. I want them to have some idea of what to do if they are in conflict with other people for reasons that might relate to their personality types. I want them to know so that they can ask someone for help and advice about this if they need it. If they don’t know it exists, they won’t know how to ask for help about it. They will only know that they’re having some kind of a problem or conflict with someone and they will have a hard time explaining what it is or deciding what to do about it.

I want them to know that this order that they grew up in is not the only possible culture on earth, and that they can leave it if they want to, and come back if they want to. I want them to know that if they don’t fit in here, they can look for what they need someplace else, because we want them to be happy.

I can’t be everything to everybody. I can’t be an expert on every subject on earth. Now that I can call myself an SLI, I can explain why some of my areas of knowledge are very weak and are not filled in. It is because I have spent my life paying attention to other things. I have only skimmed through or glanced at things in the weak areas.

For instance, it’s hard for me to think about the legal system. However, I’m aware that there should be some kinds of laws. I’m aware that there are better laws and there are worse laws. But I can’t list them all from memory or have an argument about them or know which ones are the better ones and which ones are the worse ones. Some laws are obviously harmful, but a lot of them are hard to understand.

Why do I need any laws at all? Because I might call myself an anarchist, but in a way, there is no such thing as anarchy. Everyone else in the world will never agree to just leave you alone. Sooner or later, somebody somewhere will physically attack you or force you to do something. Somebody somewhere will always say, I am your government, I am your king, I will force you to do what I say – and it won’t matter if you call yourself an anarchist. You need to have some kind of protection against this, some kind of agreement about what you will do when that happens. There are different strategies for how you can cope with this – you can leave the area and live in a place where you are no longer being attacked, or, if you are staying in the area, you can make rules and agreements for what to do about the attackers.

So I feel a need to have some kind of rules and laws to protect my people against attack, but I am not sure how to write those rules myself.

So far, socionics is the best personality typing system that I have seen. It describes the relationships between different types of people better than any of the other personality typing systems. It is more reliable and better able to predict relationships than the other systems.

The strongest rules of the order are those areas which serve the needs of the SLI type. Now that I can call myself that, I won’t need to apologize for my weaknesses.


May 5, 2010

I filled in the “dummy” pages so that all of them contain real information instead of comments like “how many pages can I make?” or “test” or “blah” or whatever they said before.

I still need to indicate which rules are the core, essential rules, and which ones are variable.  Some of the rules are still abstract – they are not yet filled in with any details.  Other rules are very specific.  Some of the rules can vary from place to place, by local groups.

I also added a couple of new pages.

About this site

April 21, 2010

This site is a work in progress.  I am writing the rules of this religious order in a place where they can be organized and easy to find.  There is plenty of room to explain why we have each of these rules.  See the list of pages on the right side.